Elegance by Design


AVM was founded to change the value equation for all-electric transportation. US designed; our vehicle meets all US department of transportation regulatory requirements. As a true purpose built EV; our electric vehicles are engineered and optimized to perform in any environment. We currently have 21, 27, and 33 ft sizes and offer an array of battery sizes. 



500,000 mile design life


We offer unparalleled warranty packages, including our lifetime warranty. With over 3 million miles driven, our LTO battery technology can run up to 25,000 cycles with only a 10% efficiency degradation. Competing products only last 2,000 cycles with a 25% efficiency degradation. Our superior technology and quality US design make us the most effective vehicle on the market.

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our solar roof


We offer a solar roof option for customers seeking energy independence and additional range capability. Our solar roof adds up to 10% increase in range. Our vehicles are easily converted into an energy system on wheels.


Vehicle to Grid (V2G) ready


Our vehicles and charging technology come equipped with V2G capability, acting as energy storage for utility grids. The batteries in our electric vehicles are an ideal energy storage medium and can be used to let electricity bidirectionally flow from our vehicle to the electric distribution network. 


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Connected Vehicle Package


We offer an array of connected vehicle offerings to our customers. All vehicles can come equipped with IOT hardware that allows us to better understand our customers' needs. With a connected vehicle package, we can understand more about our vehicle's performance.

We use artificial intelligence technology to provide enhanced fleet management offerings, including: performance and maintenance prediction, maximization of capacity utilization, route optimization, and navigation offerings, among others.

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USB in every seat, Wifi Enabled


We enhance the user experience of shuttles by providing wifi in every vehicle. We also give users the option to charge their phones by including USB outlets in every seat.  

With our collective partners, AVM sells a broad array of 100% purpose built, retrofitted and specialty electric vehicles internationally. By combining our battery and manufacturing capability with our international support and final assembly facilities, we can provide our customers with custom electric vehicle solutions that can fit your needs.




custom vehicles | Conversions


Looking for a custom vehicle or have an existing fleet of vehicles that you are looking to convert to all electric? Our company has a global footprint with capability to efficiently and cost effectively provide custom vehicle solutions. We can also electrify your current fleet and have international service and maintenance capability on every continent.





Our compact battery design allows for integration into an array of vehicle designs. As a modular system of LTO battery packs, malfunction of a cell is isolated and doesn't affect the entire system. At AVM, we provide some of the most reliable batteries on the market. 

a vertically integrated technology company


AVM is vertically integrated with cutting edge technology that builds high quality and cost effective products on a dedicated AVM production line. Coupled with superior management and customer service; AVM can deliver a wide range of cost effective 100% electric vehicle and battery technology solutions.