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Wayne Corporation was the first bus company in the United States, founded in 1837. The company's first buses were powered by horses. After nearly 200 years, WAYNE technology has enabled our buses to adapt to a connected and autonomous future. We've reinvented transportation, and offer enhanced technology packages that propel our vehicles into the 21st century.


a technology of tomorrow, today.


Our vehicles are really smart. WAYNE is a smart vehicle solution designed to help fleet operators make better decisions. WAYNE technology equips our vehicles with connected hardware that provides a 4G cellular network and collects all kinds of data, including: CAN vehicle information, location, camera / video, solar & LIDAR, battery management system, consumer ridership, accelerometer, HVAC, traffic, navigation & route, audio & near range frequency data, among others. 

We use this data to provide advanced technology offerings that allow fleet operators to gain a competitive edge. We help you make better decisions in order to maximize profits, provide an enhanced rider experience and adapt to a data driven & autonomous future. 

WAYNE self-driving package


We future proof our vehicles by offering a WAYNE self-driving packageWAYNE's system is capable of level-4 autonomous driving. Level-4 is considered "fully autonomous" and is designed to perform all safety-critical driving functions and monitor roadway conditions for an entire trip. Once regulations catch up; we'll send a software update and your vehicle will 100% autonomously drive itself. In the meantime, you'll receive enhanced safety features. Gain an edge over the competition with a WAYNE self-driving package.



a vision based solution


While WAYNE's self-driving system incorporates LIDARs; lasor technology has signifiant performance issues in rain and low visibility settings. WAYNE's self-driving system is a vision-based approach combined with superior sensory technology that provides level-4 self-driving capability. We equip our vehicles with the latest cameras and GPU processing combined with WAYNE's deep learning, vision-based self-driving software. Fleet operators can fully adapt to a foreseen autonomous future.



safety enhancements


Self-driving technology is rapidly approaching, however regulators haven't yet caught up. In the meantime, WAYNE's self-driving package provides enhanced safety features such as lane keeping, collision avoidance and self-parking capability. 

Once level-4 self-driving technology becomes fully legal, we'll automatically send your vehicles a software update and your fleet will 100% drive itself. Ensure your vehicle is safe from collision with WAYNE's self-driving package.


the more you drive,                              the more WAYNE learns

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has networks which are capable of learning unsupervised from data that is unstructured or unlabeled. This is known as Deep NeuralLearning or a Deep Neural Network.

With data collected from every vehicle, WAYNE's smart vehicle platform & self driving technology use deep learning techniques to continuously train our systems. Unlike 100% LIDAR based self-driving systems, we use camera technology, convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning techniques to continuously optimize our WAYNE's performance, just like the human brain. The more you drive your vehicles, the better our system gets


WAYNE Command Center

We provide 24 / 7 support and monitor every vehicle from our command center. We will quickly let you know if there are any problems with your fleet. We'll quickly asses any performance issues in order to get you back on the road.

WAYNE command center helps you maximize profits through AI driven techniques that can give optimized response times, saving you time and money.  

data benefits everyone


Data has the potential reinvent transportation. WAYNE uses data to provide enhanced features to fleet operators, including: servicing / malfunction prediction and alerts, route optimization, driver navigation, vehicle energy efficiency analytics. 

We also help transit operators enhance rider experience by solving the first last mile transit problem with features such as: ride summoning, real time navigation, automatic payments and ridership demand prediction.


WAYNE smart vehicle platform 


Our user friendly interface helps you make better decisions in order to efficiently manage your fleet. Every WAYNE technology package comes with software that gives intel to greatly increase your profits and enhance riders' experience. Each customer receives a 1 year free WAYNE software platform license upon purchasing a WAYNE technology package.

WAYNE's smart vehicle platform provides you with real time alerts, geofencing, smart dispatch, prediction, vehicle recharge and optimization, and other awesome features to maximize your profits. By efficiently managing fleets operators can provide an enhanced rider experience and increase profits while planning for an autonomous & connected future. 


in-dash tablet | route optimization


Every vehicle comes equipped with a WAYNE in-dash tablet that streamlines navigation and dispatch to vehicle drivers. Our optimization algorithms incorporate fleet wide logistics, traffic data, demand prediction and more to optimize routes.

Drivers simply need to follow a navigation route and your drivers will know the fastest route to take. We've completely eliminated the need for old-school radio communication. A faster arrival time equals a better customer experience and more profits.



maximizing capacity utilization


Have you ever noticed most buses aren't full? Our technology packages can provide predictive analytics that understand demand peaks. With WAYNE's smart vehicle platform, transit operators know when and how frequently people are looking for rides.

By maximizing capacity utilization WAYNE lets you know if you need to dispatch more or less vehicles.

Maximizing capacity = maximizing profits.





Most operators find out their buses need servicing when they break down. In our eyes, that's way too slow in. By using data driven deep learning techniques, WAYNE will let you know if your vehicles are at risk of breaking down or in need of servicing. 

WAYNE know's if your buses aren't performing optimally. By capturing vehicle data, we'll let you know if a battery cell is down and how to optimize driving efficiency to save you operating costs.

riding public transportation has never been so easy




Summoning & Navigation


Uber and Lyft have transformed the transportation industry. Seamless navigation, arrival updates and ride summing makes for an easy ride. WAYNE brings these same features to transit operators. Riders now know exactly what route to take when riding public transit and when they will arrive. The WAYNE app easily lets you request a ride, navigate through connections and will give you peace of mind that you'll arrive on time.




Real time route information


Riders are often confused about how to take advantage of your transit service. WAYNE's app provides transit riders with a seamless user interface that can help them know when and where a ride will arrive in real-time. 

payment info copy copy copy.png


Automatic Payment


Paper tickets are yesterday's news. We streamline rider on-boarding by letting riders pay right from the WAYNE app.  The WAYNE app also integrates with our in-vehicle sensors to know if someone is riding without paying. If someone is free-riding, we'll know right away.

We streamline payment management, making riders happy while maximizing profit for transit operators.