the FTL charger


Our FTL charger is the next generation charging solution. 350 kW DC fast charging coupled with our superior battery technology, you'll find the ultimate ease in charging vehicles. We've designed the FTL charger specifically to minimize charging time to under 10 minutes.

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Charge in under 10 minutes


Our proprietary LTO technology has enabled our company to provide the fastest charging time on the market. We offer multiple sizes to customize your charging needs. 

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FTL charging is now as easy as filling up your gas tank


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With an under 10 minute charge time, we virtually match the time it takes to fill up a gas tank. Unlike conventional recharging, our FTL charging technology makes loading and unloading an opportunity for recharge, virtually eliminating time off duty. With a FTL charging time, our customers need less electric vehicles in service, resulting in more profits for our customers.


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Our vehicles and chargers come vehicle-to-grid equipped


Our vehicles and charging technology come equipped with V2G capability, acting as energy storage for utility grids. The batteries in our electric vehicles are an ideal energy storage medium and can be used to let electricity bidirectionally flow from our vehicle to the electric distribution network. 


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