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a patented LTO technology

Lithium Titanate (LTO) is considered the next generation solution of battery technology for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. AVM’s exclusive access to Yinlong's LTO technology translates into safer, longer lasting and environmentally friendly batteries for compared to Lithium Ion Phosphate (LFP) and related formulations used by our competitors.

superior battery chemistry

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Superior performance

With our proprietary LTO technology, material and manufacturing processes; we produce LTO batteries capable of fast charge and discharge. While we shorten charge time of our vehicles to under 10 minutes; our LTO technology also eliminates unsafe heat related effects.

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LTO Battery Material

Compared to competing lithium-ion batteries; LTO provides an optimal solution for EV's and energy storage systems. Contrary to traditional industry focus on range and battery density; AVM's focus on safety, charge time and battery life sets us apart with a superior EV solution. 

safer battery


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Our batteries are the safest on the market. Our LTO technology passes all safety tests, including nail, impact submerging and cutting. 

faster Charge


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LTO provides faster, safer and more stable power across a wider temperature range over competing lithium ion battery technologies.

10x longer Life


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Our LTO batteries last over 10x longer than our LFP competitor, making our batteries less expensive and more environmentally friendly. 



REUsing batteries for a second life


At AVM we consider the environment with every product we build. Most batteries end up in a landfill, greatly harming the environment and reducing the benefit of adopting electric vehicles. With an exceptionally long lifespan; our batteries are designed to outlast our vehicles. Our batteries can can be recycled at the end of your vehicle's life and used for energy storage. We plan to donate your batteries to serve as energy storage for wind and solar power in developing nations.