a vertically integrated technology company

At AVM we seek to transform the way people use transportation. We provide a suite of innovative products to the transportation and energy sector. Our first US product, an all electric EV shuttle, is capable of charging in under 10 minutes. 



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Replacing one gas shuttle with our zero emission vehicle offsets about 250,000 lbs of C02 every year. As our battery technology is cost effective; our total cost of ownership is 50% less than traditional combustion-powered vehicles.

Our VEHICLES | Elegance by design


We sell a diverse set of all electric vehicles. Specifically designed for the U.S. market, we design unique products that are a cost-effective solution for shuttle operators that desire an all-electric shuttle with maximum operational flexibility while leveraging existing EV charging infrastructures. By incorporating our superior LTO battery technology, all vehicles include our fast charging technology.







We offer an array of connected vehicle packages that make every vehicle "smart". Our offerings include V2V communication, fleet management, route optimization and navigation. In addition, we offer enhanced safety packages to future proof our product from a foreseen autonomous future. All of our vehicles come equipped with WiFi and USB charging.